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Beyond a paycheck, employees weigh the benefit plans that are offered when finding and remaining at their job. Being in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) business over 12 years, Employ-Ease has built a network of providers and advisors so that our clients view us as their own ‘benefits department�?for questions, concerns and administrative details.

We research, offer, educate and enroll employees in the plans they want with no administrative fee, so that the client and employee is happy and productive. Some benefit plans may be cost prohibitive or even not available to employers with just a few or seasonal employees ~ but they are attainable through Employ-Ease, even for the business owner him/herself.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Employ-Ease acts as a Large Employer when it comes to this daunting and evolving Act. We offer three health care plans that comply with the requirement to offer 'affordable' (premium to be no more than 9.5% of a household income) insurance to employees. All of our plans provide 'Essential Health Benefits' as required by law.

We provide the necessary notices to employees of their rights, Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) {aka Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)} for our available plans, the enrollment applications and consultation to our clients and their workers. As all documentation, this is kept electronically filed for years after the worker has left our client's employ. For more details click here


Medical Insurance

Employ-Ease offers three medical insurance plans with different coverage levels and prices to suit the variety of needs that each of our clients and employees have. All of our plans cover dependents up to age 30, preventative care at no additional cost and do not deny coverage due to pre - existing conditions. Each of these plans is ACA compliant.

Click here to view MVP Plans and Rates for 2014

New York State Exchange Plan

New York State has created a Marketplace (aka Exchange) to help you find health insurance that meets your needs and fits your budget. It offers "one-stop-shopping" to find and compare local private health insurance options. Click here to get to that website.

125k Pre-tax

Section 125k of the IRS code allows medical, dental, and most AFLAC plan premiums to be deducted from clients and employee’s paychecks pre-tax. In other words, no Federal income tax or social security tax is charged on those deduction amounts. The employee saves money at no cost to the client ~ compare that with other payroll providers who charge for this feature.


This coverage, through Guardian, pays 100% of preventive, 80% basic, and 50% major care . Dependants are covered until age 20 or 26 if they are a full time student. Click here for plan summary

Life Insurance

Through a unique arrangement with New York Life and NYLife Securities, clients and employees have the opportunity to add to their financial security through payroll deduction. The permanent life insurance policy may be portable and allow a policy holder to borrow against it for education, retirement or emergencies. Again, a licensed representative is available to help those interested make the best choice for their situation.

Retirement plan

Employ-Ease makes it easy to save the money needed for a financially secure retirement through a systematic payroll deduction. Eligible to all employees, the amount put into a client’s or employee’s retirement plan can be started, stopped or changed any time. We provided a licensed financial planner (in addition to online access) to guide employees through enrollment and investment choices.

Direct Deposit

Employ-Ease will deposit paycheck net amounts directly into one or several accounts at no charge. This is safe, convenient and time-saving. Employees receive a paystub showing the hours worked, wages earned and taxes or benefit plan premiums deducted.

Paycard (Visa® Debit)

For employees without a bank relationship, or just want the convenience of carrying a Debit Card as the equivalent of cash, Employ-Ease offers employees the option of having their net pay put onto a VISA® debit card instead of getting a live check or direct deposit.

Each payday, Employ-Ease transfers net pay onto a VISA® card that we provide.

  • There is no cost to enroll in this benefit,
  • no cost to have us direct your paycheck to that card,
  • no cost to make purchases with the card,
  • no cost to check activity,
  • no monthly maintenance fee & it is
  • FDIC insured

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Employ-Ease recommends that employees pair a health savings account (HSA) with a high deductable health plan (HDHP).

An HSA allows employees to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to offset the out-of-pocket costs that the medical plan does not cover. Here’s how it works:

  • Through a payroll deduction, any dollar amount (in 2014 to a maximum of $3,300 single / $6,550 family) is put into a pre-tax medical savings account (employee pays NO FICA or Fed Income Tax on that amount). When a charge is incurred (for example contacts/glasses, chiropractic, dental or prescriptions) that charge comes out of the savings account (HSA) not the subscriber’s pocket. So services cost less due to the tax savings on the HSA contributions.


Aflac is also available to Employ-Ease clients and employees. Several plans are available to recoup health care costs, or pay for everyday expenses when income is lost due to injury or illness.

  • Accident
  • Disability
  • Cancer Prevention & Care
  • Hospital Indemnity

AFLAC plans are supplemental, meaning they are in addition to mandatory state coverage like New York state disability and workers compensation. And they pay the policy holder directly - not the health care provider - so money is used for the bills the subscriber deems most pressing.

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