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Employ-Ease service revolves around payroll. That begins with paycheck generation but entails filing reports & returns for Federal and State taxes. Payroll taxes come from both employer and employees and calculating, paying and reporting them is a chore that is non-productive for any business. Errors result in costly penalties. That’s exactly why Employ-Ease service makes sense.

Along with staff paychecks & earning statements, and the quarterly & annual returns, our clients receive as much or as little reporting as they desire, since our service is needs-based.

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Affordable Care Act
NY State Exchange Plan
AFLAC of course!
Paycard ~ Visa®

Weekly Payroll

Quarterly Payroll

Along with Weekly payroll, Employ-Ease completes & files the:

Annual Payroll

In addition to the 4th Quarter returns, Employ-Ease completes and files the:


Employ-Ease will act as your liaison with federal and state labor and tax agencies, stepping in to minimize the time and liability you may face with unemployment cases (founded or not), disability claims (fraudulent or worthy), labor standards (providing mandatory posters, notifications and documentation). We also have experience with COBRA, FMLA, jury duty, and prevailing work rate work.

Just like a fire detector, life vest or seat belt ... Employ-Ease is the one thing that you don't think you need, until you need one ~ an HR dept.


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We will minimize costs and liability.
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